Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Stranger's Company

I should write a book, that title was good!

This week I went on a Field trip for my travel studies in the arts course i'm taking this semester and guess where we gotta go!?

Salt Lake City.

Yeah, not too terribly exciting seeing as I've been there nearly a hundred times, but it was the cheaper option and cheaper is always good.

It was fairly boring and uneventful for a good portion of the trip. There were a few highlights. Some things I really enjoyed.

The galleries were not one of those enjoyable things, however it was nice to get away for a few days.

On the last day I kind of sat and thought about the trip and how many hobos are located in the Salt Lake City Library.
(Yeah, we went to the library for a portion of it)

I thought about the highs of the trip and again how boring most of it was.

Well it was boring until about 3:30 A.M. on Friday.

I was in a hotel room with about 3 other girls just sleeping away, because that is what typically goes on at 3 in the morning.

when all of a sudden a noise woke me up. I was extremely disoriented (because it was 3) and all I remember seeing was the silhouette of a man in the mirror across from the beds. 

My first thought was oh it's just my teacher, and I turned back over to go to sleep. However, I happened to look at the clock at that point and saw that it was 3:30 a.m., and "my teacher" went into the bathroom and closed the door. and I thought to myself, Okay, that's not my teacher. It's probably just one of the girls getting up to go to the bathroom and it's early so they looked like a man to me.

So, I looked to my right and left and saw that both girls were in bed.

Then the person in the bathroom proceeded to relieve themselves.

and I thought,
Definitely not a girl

So, it's not a girl. 
It's definitely a man, who is not my teacher

First thought: Pretend like you're asleep


But, that's what I did. 
The man came out of the bathroom, got his cellphone out to use as a guide around the room.
He fumbled his way to the desk on the other side of the room and started looking for the switch on the lamp.

Now I'm definitely up, and so is the girl next to me.

And I'm thinking: Well that's it, I'm getting raped

He gets the light on and all we see is his backside.
His gray hair was all over the place and his shirt was all untucked and all over. He was a taller gentleman that looked somewhere in his late 60's from what I could see

Me and my roommate looked at each other, then back at him wondering
a. What are we supposed to do
b. What the crap is he doing in our hotel room!?

My mind is completely blank at this point, and thank goodness for the girl next to me who spoke up and said "um...I think you're in the wrong room..."

Creepy man whipped around and just looked at us.

He said, "uh...This isn't my room..."
(no really)

He slowly got up and said, "My key worked..that's not good"
(No it's not could you please leave?)

He apologized, and left our room.
We all just sat up laughing because that has to be THE funniest thing that has ever happened to me.

Side note:
Here are some photos from my trip!
(I didn't take very many)

P.S. We got Friday night for free