Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent Goings On

 Well this is the first time in probably FOREVER that I've done a decent blog post.
But I have a good excuse I think.

A student teaching mother and wife, whilst pregnant.

'Nuff said.

It's been rough to say the least, but I won't go into it otherwise we would be here for hours...or you would just give up on reading this and exit out of your browser swiftly.


Let us talk about the fun and good things that have taken place in the last forever shall we?

While student teaching has been a struggle I will finally be done (and when I mean done I mean done and graduated freaking college) in 5 weeks officially :)

Lets just take a moment to soak that one in...



Devon is still chugging along at school and just trying to balance everything, but he's doing mighty well in school so hey that's good!

And our sweet little Jackson who has been putting up with so much this semester is 2 years old as of a few weeks ago!

Seriously where does the time go??

So life is just hectic, busy, and extremely stressful right now for everyone involved (including my sister who has graciously been watching Jackson every day while I teach and while Devon is in school. Bless her.)

I haven't been able to take very many pictures in the last few months what with just being flat out lazy when I get home every day, but I have managed to take a few of the important events.

So for your viewing pleasure...
Jackson's second birthday!

We started off the day with eggs, toast, and chocolate milk. Proceeded by Church, and then playing on his bed with Aunt Marissa, Uncle Joe, and all of his balloons

Then it was time for presents and since Grandmas and Grandpas couldn't physically be there for the event we brought them in virtually!

Funny story about this shark. Aunt Marissa gave him her shark to play with, and he never wanted to return it. So Grandma got him his very own "Bruce". Here, I think he is judging it to see if it's good enough.

Aaaand my favorite picture of all time :)

And now to finish up the day, a beyond terrible photograph of him and his cake. Mom was tired by that point and had no interest in fixing settings and what not.

Such a fun day that he won't remember haha :)

Then the other day I went into the doctor because I'd been having serious pains on my left side. Since I have a cyst on my left side I figured I'd better go get it checked out. 

Well lucky for me, the doctors couldn't find any documentation of my previous ultra sound where they found the cyst.
So the Doctor comes in and asks, "Would you mind finding out what you're having today so we can take a better look at the cyst?"


And since our little one is apparently not shy at all, and willing to show off naughty bits at the drop of a hat we were able to find out right away.


(Seriously the kid was so happy to be outside with the promise of going to the park, that we pretty much had to force him not to smile to get the picture I wanted for the announcement. He didn't care what I stuck in front of him or put on his head! did though...)

We are just absolutely elated to meet her!
Later though. You just keep on cookin' darlin till your due date!