Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun-Celebration-Joy-Woo Hoo Week

This past week has been busy with celebrations.
I just finished school last week
and on Thursday it was my 21st birthday, and it was awesome!
Devon got me a SUPER cute skirt

it's yellow which is awesome

I didn't have to work which was FANTASTIC
so we went to Idaho Falls, bought me a new outfit, and went to cafe rio!

Then we had some friends over for cake and ice cream, which I couldn't eat because I had just had my free 16 oz kiwi loco frozen yogurt.
I went a bit crazy since it was free...

We then went to the drive in movies with some friends and saw Ice Age, and Brave
it was awesome until Devon locked our keys in the car after the movie.
Thanks to the Rackham's for helping me be a ninja and break into our apartment to get the spare key.
crisis averted.

Then on Saturday was our one year anniversary :)
A whole YEAR woo baby!
Devon bought me an awesome new lens for my camera which I just love,
and I bought him an hour long massage since I quite suck at giving massages
and my massages usually last about 10 seconds.

on a good day.

However, since we spent so much money on each other for birthday/anniversary gifts
we weren't able to go out for our anniversary, so we just stayed home and made dinner together
cute eh?

We made little lasagna cups and they were delicious!

We pulled the table into the living room so we could have dinner and a movie and got all dressed up for the event.

You can't tell that i'm really all that dressed up but i'm wearing the cute new yellow skirt Devon got me!

It was a fun and expensive week to say the least 
now I just have to endure 3 days of work then we're going on a cruise with my family!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Catching Up

Dang it's been a long time since I've posted!

So here's a recap of what's been happening in our lives for the past little while.
I'll start off with Devon's opera.

So glad it's over because I never ever got to see my husband, but shoot dang he did a good job!
I was so proud of him!

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of him in all his get up :(
He got a pretty big role with songs all to himself and what not. He has a BEAUTIFUL voice and it was a hilarious show. Didn't like all the make-up they put on him though.
That freaked me out a bit
However, my family did come to surprise him for the show which was completely awesome!

I'm kind of a terrible photographer, because I didn't get any pictures of them here either...

OH WAIT! Yes I did!
My mother always wants a family photo whenever we're together. Unfortunately for her we don't take it seriously at all...

We loved having them out here, and they spoiled us rotten :)

Then they left, and we had to get back into the normal daily grind.
Devon did get a job though which we are SO grateful for, and hopefully he'll be starting it soon.

On a more personal note, I decided I need to get out and start taking some pictures and creating.
So I decided on a topic for a series I am going to do just for the fun of it, and I am going to document it all right in here...

I've done this before in highschool where I took a book and made it into a photo journal, and I absolutely loved it so I'd figure I'd do it again.
I'm not using the same book because my older one is a bit big and I need one that can fit into my purse, so whenever I have a thought or idea I can jot it down.
I am excited to get further into this, and I think it will be a nice goal for the summer.

Today I threw my friend a baby shower, and it was actually really fun!
I was very worried because the last shower I threw her was awful, and I wanted to make sure this was better.

Everything turned out so great! 
And I was so proud of my decorating skills haha

I was especially proud of this idea. Thanks to Devon it worked out pretty well

So yeah, that's been the goings on lately.
Nothing too exciting but maybe better blogs will come after I get done with this killer semester.
I might actually have time to do something interesting.