Friday, March 23, 2012

A Temple For Kansas.

3 things that I love:
1. The church I belong to
2. Temples

And all three of those things are being pieced together!
There is an LDS Temple being built in Kansas City, and let me tell ya I, like so many others, couldn't be more thrilled!
From what I have seen, it is absolutely beautiful.

Want to know what's even more special and unique about it?
My talented/awesome/wonderful father painted the murals inside.

This is him, doin what he does best

yes I said murals.
(that means REALLY big folks like 10ft X 72ft big)

He has been working for months now, and if you have ever seen anything my dad has ever created on canvas, you know it is bound to be breathtaking.
We had to keep it a secret for months. Which was sooo tough because we were all so excited. The Spirit in his studio was unlike any other I have ever felt.
And i'm sure now that it is in the temple, the spirit will be even stronger.

So if you are wanting to know what a Mormon Temple is like
you want to see the amazing work my dad has done
I would encourage you to find a way to make it to the open house.
I promise you won't regret it.

(If you want a little more information about the temple watch this video)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Confessions Of A Newly Converted Book Worm

So here's the thing.
I've been reading lately.

I never really used to read because overall, books mostly bore me.
(I am a movie junkie through and through)
But ya see, I married a book junkie.
(he's not really big on movies. He likes them, but I think he prefers books)

When he asked if I had ever read the Harry Potter series, I said "no..well I think I read the first two, and sorta read the last one."
he was all like "WHAT"

Therefore, when we went to his house for Christmas, right after we got engaged, he was like "take this book and read it while you're here"
(talking about the 7th book)

I'm pretty sure I stayed up after everyone was asleep and just read...and read....and read

When I finished, I was like "HOLY CRAP THAT'S AMAZING STUFF" like a drug or something I guess.

Fast forward a year or so and we're happily married, but I still haven't read the other 6 books.
(I mean yes I did read the first two when they came out, but I was little and didn't remember much)

So here I am today, and I have finished all 6 books and I'm in the middle of reading the 7th book for a second time.

But see here's my problem, I'm on the 7th book....
which means the Harry Potter world that I have been immersing myself in, is about to end. I don't quite know how to handle that, because
{especially these ones}

I am completely converted.
So here's my challenge to the like 2 people that read this blog, give me some good book ideas to read.
I think I am borderline desperate.

And yes,
I did use this blog post as an excuse for a little mini photoshoot with myself
so what!?

Happy Thursday 

Monday, March 12, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go!

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to take a short trip down to Utah to visit my Grandma.
Devon had a concert in Salt Lake on Saturday evening, so we just decided to make a little trip out of it. I got to drive down there by myself, and don't get me wrong I love little road trips with my hubby, but I absolutely LOVE driving down to Utah by myself. It's so beautiful and I get lots of me time to just think :)

I even got to satisfy my Chipotle cravings while there. YUM! Idahoans are too caught up in this Cafe Rio crap to know what's good for them ;) haha

but seriously.

Devon did a fantastic job singing! They got to sing in the old tabernacle and you could definitely feel the spirit. And plus he's pretty cute in his tux :)

Grandma and I waiting for Devon's concert to start
This woman cracks me up. You have no idea.

Well anyway have a fantastic Monday! If 'fantastic' and 'Monday' can be put in the same sentence. HA!