Monday, January 30, 2012

No Title Needed

The past few weeks have consisted of a new job, and a couple of sick Thiel's. Winter hit us pretty hard and left us both sick with nasty colds. Literally, all I've wanted to do is cuddle up with my husband and watch Father of The Bride (I thought I would grow out of this Father of The Bride phase after I got married...nope).

So needless to say, nothing too exciting has been happening. The new job is starting to get better because I actually (kinda/mostly) know what I am doing. Devon still going to school, just plugging away at that degree. We don't have pets or babies to report so this is a very boring post.

And that is all.

Happy new week :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling The Love

I would feel completely ungrateful if I didn't make a post about how truly lucky and blessed I feel today. As some of you might know, Devon and I both lost our jobs at the end of last semester. I lost mine because it was an on campus job and you can't work on campus when you're off track. Devon lost his because his cousin works in the same department and apparently cousins aren't aloud to work in the same department. Yes, I still have my photography gig, but that only makes money when people ask me to photograph them...which isn't often because there are a billion and one photographers out here (can you tell that's kind of a touchy subject? haha). And I don't charge much at all, so it wouldn't pay the rent or the bills. So needless to say, we were stuck. We had the money that we saved and the money that was left in our bank accounts and that was it. I honestly didn't know how we were going to make the following month's rent.
I had been applying everywhere I could think of. Even places that I really didn't want to work, but nothing good was coming of any of it. So we just had to wait, and hope that some miracle might happen.
And today, I am proud to say that that miracle did happen.


And I know it isn't because I was trying really hard, or that my references all cleared the test. I got the job because I have a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and my struggles. I got the job because I had faith in him that he would help us through this scary time. I got the job because Devon and I spent hours on our knees praying for help. I am so grateful to be a member of this church, and to have the knowledge about faith, and hardship, that I do. What a wonderful blessing!

Now of course, Devon still needs to get a job because my job won't cover it all, but it's a start! And I couldn't be happier!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Few Wanna-be Purple Waffles, and An Enchanted Castle.

So let me just start this post off by saying I have the greatest husband EVER! It's true actually. We woke up this morning and he asked me if I wanted waffles...uh YEAH! (He knows they're my favorite, good boy). So we proceeded to make the waffles. I had a brilliant idea, let's make them PURPLE! Our food coloring just sits in our cupboard getting dusty so I figured why not put it to good use.

The batter only looked somewhat purple, and we couldn't get it to go any brighter. A little defeated, we put the batter in the iron and all our hard work resulted in these bad boys...

Hardly purple. At all. The edges for some reason had a bit more color, but all in all it was a total flop. But they were still yummy.
So after the waffle situation was all said and done, Devon took me to see Beauty and The Beast in 3D! I was super pumped because that is pretty much my favorite movie of all time.

Can't you just see the excitement?
And the 3D glasses were so odd looking. They were very picture worthy.

Then after the movie, I had a meeting to go to. Upon arriving home my sweet husband had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. He vacuumed and picked up the house! How fantastic is he!? But the fun didn't stop there he bought me beautiful flowers! He knows how much I adore daisies. It was really quite fantastic.

I just love them!
He tried to make me lunch but I came home too quickly. Darn my walking skills! But it was a darn good day if you ask me, and I just had to let my few followers in on my excitement haha. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Post!

I was just sitting at home bored, and decided that a blog looked like an interesting thing to try! Haha! Devon and I lead a pretty boring life, so I'm not sure how entertaining this will be for anyone who reads it, but it'll keep me occupied at least!
Lately life has been terribly boring. Devon is in school this semester and I'm not...and I don't have a job. Basically my days consist of a lot of cleaning and many episodes of "The Office". I am, however, trying desperately to find a job. I do my part time photography thing, but that's only when people ask me unfortunately. We are in desperate need of some serious cash and Rexburg is just about the toughest location to find a job in I'm convinced.

So that's life right now, nothing too exciting just trying to find work and enjoying being together!