Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ramen in my hair, and skittles on my chest.

So I'm pregnant.

This has mostly consisted of me crying, throwing up, and not being able to take out the trash because of the smell.
All of those things are still occurring, maybe not as much for the throwing up, but yes still happening.
However, now I actually am starting to look like I am pregnant, and I am gaining weight because I have begun to eat like an adolescent boy.


The other day I was on my computer and found a ramen noodle in my hair, and a skittle sitting atop my bosom. 
I just laughed at myself because, well it was funny.

I can also feel the baby move.
A lot.
It's like a ninja
until Devon gets around that is.

he got to feel the other day and it was awesome!!
Coolest thing ever seriously.

Well I don't really have much else to say other than that.
Life is hectic and such.
School, work, sleep
That's been my life lately.

I'm hungry now
(go figure)
so I'll leave it at that.

quite the little rambling post if you ask me.


people keep asking (mainly my parents)
"where are your belly pictures"
Sooo... I took some tonight since i'm 18 weeks

There mom
ya happy?