Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What A Blessing!

So this weekend our sweet little guy got blessed 
(Babies in our church don't get baptized they get blessed, and then at age 8 get baptized)

We had so much family come in for it, and it was AWESOME!

So many babysitters (haha)
and so much fun. We were so sad to see them all go

My mom is staying for another week to help out with our crazy week
(I am working almost 40 hours this week on top of school, and Devon has his play every night this week)

aunt lindsay helping him get ready

yeah. that's a bow-tie and cumber bun.

seriously dad?

too cool.

finally got smiles on camera. and i got a TON!

thanks to aunt marissa of course. the kid loves her.

we found out this is his favorite position
So that's just a few of the photos from his big day.
It would have taken me a while to post them all so I just picked some of my favorites

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2 Months!

Jackson is 2 months as of last Wednesday.

Yes I'm just now sitting down to post about it.

He was a lot better for the pictures this go round, but I still have yet to get a good smile on camera.

The little turd!

Classic Jackson face with the eyebrows furrowed.

Saggy cheeks

At 10 lb 5 oz and 21 1/2 in long here's what I'm up to at 2 months:

-I'm now sleeping in 4-5 hour intervals at night which makes mommy and daddy very happy. Although they do wish I would sleep even longer.
Jeesh people when will it be good enough!?

-I've got some serious chunk goin on in my arms, legs, and cheeks now.

-I smile a lot now, however I like to stop as soon as mom whips her camera out.
It's really fun.

-I've found my voice and love to make cute little noises

-I laughed for the first time today with my eyes open!

-I am now finally fitting into my 0-3 month onsies
However, I'm still in newborn diapers and pants.
(0-3 mo pants just don't stay up very well)

-I am now officially making faces when I poop.
Mom is a little too excited about this new development.

And we still just love him to bits!!
Our family comes out in a little less than 3 weeks for his blessing, and we can hardly wait!!



I gotta give myself mad props for what I did last night.

Lately it has felt like Devon and never get to actually spend time together

(that's what we get for having a baby and going to school I guess)

Whenever we do spend time together or actually go on a date all it is is a movie at home or we go out to eat.



So I decided to be a little creative.

I sent Devon off to have a play date with one of his friends while I set up for our awesome surprise date.

1. My sister helped me set up our tent in our living room for a romantic fort

(The stupid lights kept falling)

2. I set up for the scavanger hunt.
Yes I sent him on a scavenger hunt down "memory lane"

(insert cheesy "awww" here)

a. Before he left I stuck a letter in the glove box of the car directing him (in rhyme) to go to the place where we had our first date

which led him to this:

A new tie to wear that night and the next clue

b. The next clue led him to wear we had our first kiss

Which had some gum because it was where we had our first kiss

get it?

and of course the next clue

c. This led him to the third and final location 
where he found this:

The reason why there is a camera is because when we were dating Devon got this great date idea 
If you have ever seen the movie Yes Man you will see where he got it from.
We were going to take pictures while we jogged so he bought some disposable cameras

Well that didn't pan out so we just went on a regular date but still took pictures with one of them.
Eventually this became kind of a tradition.
We would bring a disposable camera with us on our dates.
We haven't done it since.

So I decided to bring it back
Thus the camera

3. Then I rushed home to make a romantic dinner 

It was just spaghetti but hey it at least tasted good!

I told him to call me when he was on his way home and told him to look in the glovebox

after he got all done with the hunt he came home, we ate, we danced in our kitchen (which I love), then we watched a movie in our fort.

All while my sister had Jackson


It was really fun, and I hope to have more fun and creative date nights like this.
Sometimes I think we just get going with life and forget that we need to have some fun every once and a while.

If you have a chance to do something like this, I highly recommend it!