Friday, March 29, 2013

With Change Comes New Hair

2 blog posts in 2 days!?

I know right?

(but like I said, I don't get out much anymore)

So I am a girl.


I have heard of other girls with this same problem I do.

Whenever a big change happens in my life I unavoidably do something drastic to my hair.
The only change where I didn't was when I got married


Which was probably the biggest change of all
slightly funny in my opinion.

I remember the first change in which I did something to my hair and it was a complete disaster.
I let my mom do it out of a box.
I looked like a middle school bimbo.

Since then I never let my mom do it again.

The biggest change however was when I went to college.
A few weeks or so before I went to college I dyed my hair brown.

Yes ladies and gentlemen

Here is an embarrassing picture from that time

Apparently when I went to college I wore a lot of make-up and took a lot of embarrassing selfies alone in my room...

so we'll move passed that

Then my boyfriend from back home of like a year and a halfish broke up with me

so I went slightly lighter

Then came a miraculous internal change 
(in cheesy terms it means I discovered myself....haha that sounds so dumb. But really)

And I went back to way blonde

Since then I've had a few highlights but really I just let my hair gooooo
and gooo
and goooo

and now it's just gross.
Well I've had a baby if you didn't know
and that's a fairly big change in my book.

Since I laid on that hospital bed holding my sweet little boy I thought "hmm what am I going to do with my hair?"

Last night sleep didn't come easily because all i could think about was "hmm what am I going to do with my hair"

I want to go brown because let's face it my hair really isn't all that blonde anymore
but not too brown because that was a mistake last time

so I'm thinking something like this


With this big of a change I am dying to get my hair done
It's like when you just got paid a little extra and that money is burning a hole in your pocket

The change is burning a hole in my hair?

So that was a rant. At least there was some embarrassing selfies to look at right?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being A Mom

So this is sappy.

(You've been warned if you would like to exit now)

Being a mom is hard.
I'm 21 
and a mom

didn't expect that, but here I am.

I've struggled a lot with the "baby blues"
But I hate calling them that because that makes them sound too cute.
They are not cute.
At all.

Like pretty much every new mom I am stuck at home.
I see all of my friends are going on fun trips or just having so much fun in college
and i'm here.
no sleep.
i'm lucky to get a shower.
don't get out.

But the past few days I've done a lot better, and it is simply because I realized I really don't want to be anywhere else.
(Sure Italy would be nice but ya know)

I look down at my little guy and I realize he's worth it

(not just saying it to be sappy. He really is)

He's worth the sleepless nights and the lack of adult interaction.
And everytime I get down about not being able to do certain things because I am a wife and a mom at 21 
I have to look at Jackson and think "My husband and I did this, we created this little guy"
And I think "I have managed to snag an amazing guy who I can rely on and trust that absolutely loves me"
And quite honestly I think that is a much greater accomplishment than anything else I could do as a stupid reckless single college kid

I love his little face.
when he opens up his eyes I can't help but smile

I think I kiss him about 1,000 times a day
I love his soft skin and the way he squeaks when he sleeps

I love the way he smells, and the way he looks back at me .
I love how much I absolutely adore him.

I love it that he smiles when he gets gas
and yes I even love his little cry

well most of the time.
At like 3 in the morning It's not that cute I'll be honest.

But all in all I wouldn't trade where I am at.
Sure I see other women that look so much more qualified to have the job I do, and I feel bad that Jackson got stuck with me sometimes.
But i'm learning and I think that counts for something.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Little Family Time.

This past week we got to spend time with my family.
and it was awesome!
I didn't want them to leave.
It was super nice having their help and their company.

I've had some serious baby blues after having Jackson, and having family around was just what I needed.

Aunt Lindsay and Jackson passed out.
I guess I should add a disclaimer.
These photos were not taken by me, nor were they taken with a professional grade camera

Okay, we can continue now.

Aunt Marissa and Jackson watching The Vampire Diaries.
We aren't quite sure how we feel about him being exposed to that crap..I mean that TV show
however the way she was "holding" him was a bit humorous.

Grandma giving little man a bath.

(had to do a little photoshop to cover up the goods)

He didn't even pee on her. Which AMAZES me, because he ALWAYS pees on me the second I take his diaper off.
little turd.

Fresh as a daisy!!

I love it when he opens up his little eyes. They are so cute!!!

What was also nice about my family coming out was I got to get out of the house a little bit.
Which, let me tell ya, was probably the nicest thing for my mental health.
We went to Jackson Hole which is like my favorite place ever .
I got to take pictures which was SOO NICE.

I won't bore you with the photos I took, but it was great to get out of the house.

Needless to say, I am super sad that they are gone.
I think Jackson is excited for the next time he gets to see them too because Grandma knew what she was doing.
I on the other hand do not haha.
Poor kid.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hey honey our baby's here! He looks just like your boss...

Name that movie!

(and no he does not look like Devon's boss)

Today was supposed to be the day I would have been induced.
Tomorrow is the actual due date for our little guy.
But nope he decided to come 2 weeks early and very unexpected.
Just thinking that i would've still been pregnant these last two weeks makes me grateful i wasn't.

Do you know what cool things I can do since I am not pregnant?

1. lay on my stomach
2. bend over to put my shoes on
3. wear normal clothes
4. walk like a normal human being instead of a penguin

and the list goes on.

One thing i do miss, however,
getting Devon to get me whatever food I wanted
nice perk let me tell ya.

Now i'm just left with an adorable baby boy that keeps me up all night, and snuggles with me during the day

I absolutely love this boy even if it's realllly hard to be a mom.
faces like this keep me going

he's a charmer
and we've decided that with his set of lungs he will probably be a singer like his daddy

all in all i'm glad he came early and i wouldn't give him back for anything

mainly because him coming out was already painful enough why would i want to put him back!?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jackson Udell Thiel

Sometimes things happen when we LEAST expect it.
Little Jackson coming into our lives was no exception.

I had just worked an 11.5 hour shift at work getting off just before midnight.
(my awesome supervisor saw that I was very done and let me go about 15 minutes early)
Devon picked me up and took me to Jack In The Box to get some curly fries and a shake because hey I was pregnant and I can do those types of things.
Also he is a spectacular husband.
We went home and watched some TV until just after 1

Big mistake.

Just before 3:30 in the morning I woke up with my bed very wet.
Ah crap I didn't make it in time to the bathroom. That's embarrassing
However, upon further inspection it didn't look like that's what happened at all 
(although I tried to convince myself that's what it was)

Me: "Um, Devon? Pretty sure my water just broke"
Him: "Yeah right"
(I teased him quite frequently that my water broke haha)
Me: "nope pretty sure it did, check the sheets"
Him: insert a very freaking surprised face here

And so on we went to the emergency room
no bag had been packed.
the house was a mess.
I was freaking out.
Devon however was smiling ear to ear.

(mind you he didn't have the realization that he was going to have to pump a watermelon out of his hoohaw shortly)
excuse my vulgarity.
but seriously.

We found it it was indeed my water
I'll skip the next part of the story because nothing exciting happens
I was in labor for about 15 hours and pushing for 3
it was exhausting.

Jackson Udell Thiel was born at 6:34 PM
6 lb and 11 oz
19 inches long
and absolutely adorable.
well worth all the work we went through.
I was crying.
Devon was crying and it was absolutely a beautiful moment.

I didn't look to great but hey tha'ts what you get after having a baby.

I swore up and down that I did not want any cameras in the room when he was born
(mainly because who wants a photo of themselves after they have had a baby? Not too fabulous)
However the doctor practically instructed Devon to get the camera
I was too tired to stop him, and I am kind of glad.

This was right after they put him on my chest and I saw him for the very first time.
No I don't look glamorous, but I learned that childbirth really isn't glamorous so ah well.

Since then we have already had to go to the hospital because of Jaundice
Lots of babies have it, but Jackson's levels were incredibly high and I was just an emotional wreck
poor Devon.

We are home now though and will hopefully not have to go back.
We'll find out tomorrow

But we are home now
so let the photographing begin!!

At this point Jackson loves to sleep.
Smiles when he poops because he knows I get to clean it up
Sneezes in twos 
loves having his feet held together
and we just love him.