Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When Your Kid Swallows Vicks...

Here I am blogging after what seems like forever.

Jackson swallowed a bit of Vicks vapor rub tonight and so I am up freaking out and have time to blog.
(I wouldn't be freaking out if the poison control lady wouldn't have told me what could happen to him if he had swallowed more...just so I am aware. Thanks lady.)

Life in the Thiel household has been relatively crazy as of late.
Other than swallowing toxic chemicals

The seven week break is over now and Devon is back in school. 
Between school, work, and his church calling I think I've seen him for 5 hours collectively this week. 

Real Cool.

However it has been fun to play full time mommy!

I am still working a bit, but not near as much and although sometimes it seems like monotonous work I am really enjoying myself.

I've found that I really have to keep myself and Jackson busy during the day in order to stay sane.

So today we went to the Apple Orchard on campus to pick some apples.

We didn't come home with any however because they were mostly all bruised or had worms in them
But Jackson loved picking up all the little red "balls" and putting them in the bag or throwing them.


Speaking of kids
***Side Note***
As I was getting ready today I heard nothing going on out in the living room.
Nothing is never good.

Then I hear a little voice say "mmm" mmmm!" Repeatedly and I'm like....
Oh no what is he eating.

I walk out to find the little man with my oreo mcflurry cup from the night before and oreo/melted nasty ice cream all over his cute little face.
From the trash.

Back to the orchard.

We asked Aunt Marissa to tag along with us because he pretty much adores her.
And I am pretty fond of her as well.
Especially since her and Joe live so close to us now!
Like 5 apartments down from us

And as much as he loves his Aunt he loves his new uncle even more I'm pretty sure.
So far Joe has been the first family name he's been able to say other than Mom and Dad.
But in all of his other uncles and aunts defense Joe is a pretty easy name to say haha

Always showing off that gut and that infamous outie

In the midst of all these photos
(Sorry...but I am a photographer)
Can I just say that I am IN LOVE WITH FALL!?
I mean winter bites the big one out here
Which is unfortunate since it is 9 out of 12 months here
But for the possible 2 weeks of fall we get it is just LOVELY!

The Leaves are just starting to turn and I love being outside with my little guy just soaking it all in!

This picture cracks me up. Between his weird facial expression and the shadows from the trees he looks a bit like a small ape in my opinion.
A cute kinda freaky one.

Trying to go for the double grab

Between fall, and getting to hang out with this cool kid all day long life is pretty good.
We sure miss daddy while he's gone though, and can't wait for Saturdays when we get to see him for more than a few minutes.
But such is life as a college student I suppose.

Happy fall y'all!

The End!

Do you get it?