Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pregnancy is hard...for daddy.

Hi husband. 
This one is for you.

Anyone who has been or is pregnant now knows that pregnancy is not easy. 
It's not like it is in the movies
with the "glow" and the cute small little belly, and the flawless radiant face of a woman who hasn't gained a pound except for that baby she's got goin in there.

It's hard.
You breakout
you gain weight
you can't control your moods
you cant remember anything to save your life
it's extremely difficult to:
get out of bed, get into bed, get into the car, get out of the car, stand for a long amount of time, sit for a long amount of time, breathe, cook meat, etc.

However, a lot of women (including me) forget just how extremely difficult it is for the men in our lives.

My poor husband.
That poor saint of a man.

When something goes wrong at work, or I didn't get my afternoon nap
who gets yelled at?

not the people at work
my husband.

And he just puts up with it!

When I'm happy, then angry, then crying like I just lost my dog
who has to listen to my sobbing?

not my mom or my friends
that good man of mine.

And boy do I cry.

Poor guy.

He rubs my back and tells me its going to be okay when I am crying uncontrollably
(even if he has no idea why the crap i'm crying again)
He rubs my nasty smelly feet when they are swollen and hurt like a mother
(even if he knows he'll have to wash his hands after due to the staaank)
He goes to Mcdonalds with me when I crave a bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle
(but lets be honest he wants one too)
When everyone in the world annoys me, he sits and lets me complain my mouth off
(even if he's really thinking about what he's going to eat when he gets home)
He tells me I'm pretty
(even though he's looking at Jabba the hut)

And that's just a starter list.
He does everything and anything for me
really I couldn't have asked for better.
And boy do I feel terrible about everything I do to that poor man.

only 8 more weeks sweetheart.
It will end I promise.

it was kind of his fault