Saturday, August 11, 2012


We just got a new entertainment center and we're trying to sell some of our old stuff!
Let us know if you want anything!!

This entertainment center is only a year old, and in great condition!
There are no scratches on it or anything. It looks brand new!
Very durable!
We got it for over $50, but we're selling it for $30!!
((H: 16" L: 31" 3/4 W: 19" 5/8))


These are great little shelves.
You can hang them on the walls or just have them on the floor.
We used them to hold our DVDs and what not, but you can use them for books, CDs, decoration, or whatever you want
They are light weight and versatile.
you can stack one on top of the other as well, or buy them seperately.
we only a put a few of the shelves in them for our purposes, but they will come with all of their shelves and the tools to put them together.
We got them for around $25, but we're selling them for $15 each!!
((FOR ONE: H: 24" L: 16" 1/4 W: 6"))
Also the color is like a black brown  

Message me or call me at (913) 515-4089 for more details or if you are interested in purchasing!

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