Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just a couple of Thiels, plus one!

So, as some of you might heard I am pregnant! Due March 16th.
Kinda cool huh?
To answer some of your questions:
No this wasn't planned.
Yes we are excited.
Yes we will find out if it is a girl or boy.
I am SOOO not that patient
No we don't care what the gender is
however, we both think it's a girl.
I really don't think there is any possibility it's a boy, but eh we'll see.

When we found out:

(sorry if this is too much information)

I was a little late, and I am never late so I was a wee bit concerned.
I thought, "hmm I guess I could take a pregnancy test just for kicks"
So while Devon was at work...or actually wherever he was. I have no idea where he was
I took a test, and the one line came up super fast.
I thought okay just thought i'd check.

So I left the bathroom, but didnt throw it away right away.
 few minutes later i noticed I hadn't thrown it away so I picked it up, and low and behold another line had shown up.

Naturally I started freaking out, and didn't know what to do.
Since I couldn't get a hold of Devon I called my parents 
which was fun.
I had to go to work before Devon got home so I left him this:

He texted me when he got home and was like "NO WAY!?"
He was very happy, which was a relief.

I haven't really been sick.
I mean I haven't thrown up.
I have, however, felt very very queasy every. single. day.
For just about all day.
That's been just super fun let me tell ya!

Poor Devon.
He has to deal with me right now.
Sometimes i'm the hulk
sometimes I cry
all. the. time.

He is such a good husband.
but it's gotta be worth it right?

In this picture it kind of looks like a hobbit with what looks like it's gigantic foot