Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi My Name Is Cassie, And I have A "Father Of The Bride" Problem.

We all have our addictions.
We all have our go-to movies that pick us up when we're having a bad day...right?

Or at least I have convinced myself that everyone has the same problem I do so that I don't feel bad.

My go-to movie is Father Of The Bride I & II

I watch it at least once a day.
Isn't that sad?

Devon has threatened to hide it, so I stopped watching it.

I have been Father Of The Bride clean for about 1 week now.
What an accomplishment?...

well glad I got that off my chest

Devon and I haven't been up to anything exciting lately just livin' the life of two young married folk

{Taken with my I-pod, don't judge}

We were putting the sheets on the bed the other day and, it doesn't look like it in the photo but, he looked like a tiny human with his body covered and I was like cracking up.
Unfortunately you can't tell here, but I tried. It makes me laugh whenever I see it


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