Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lazy Days

Today has been such a lazy day
and it's been WONDERFUL!

I hardly ever get days where I can just sit around and do whatever I want.

I got to sleep in this morning,

Then I went to the gym,

At the gym I found I lost 5 pounds

Then I played a nerd game with Devon,
and beat him 

Took a nap, and just sat around.

I actually had time to make a decent dinner.
Devon was very pleased

I also went to the D.I. a few days ago and found their National Geographic section
uh oh.

I'm obsessed with National Geographic
especially if they're old

So on my lazy day today, I got to sit and read the articles
and look through all of the pictures
added bonus

As I was sitting there reading, I became incredibly inspired.
I really want to take some amazing photographs or make some awesome piece of art

we'll see if I can get around to it

enjoy your three day weekend!

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