Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting Old

Yesterday was my big man's 25th birthday!
and Friday my little man was 5 weeks old!

Everyone around me is getting so old :)

Yesterday was a pretty chill day.
Devon got a new nerd game from me and my family and a Captain America shirt from me :)

I'm pretty much an awesome wife.

I made him eggs for breakfast, fajita's for dinner, and german chocolate cake for dessert.

For those of you that know me, this was a pretty big feat.

I don't cook.
I am not good at it.
At all.

However I did make the fajitas from scratch
(no mix, go me!)

And the german chocolate cake frosting from scratch
(again, go me!)

The fajitas were a success.
as you can see from all the mess on his face.
Seriously this kid destroyed those fajitas.
I sooo wish I would have got a photo of him eating them it was interesting to say the least.

Devon's favorite cake

And I got an excuse to use my cook glass cake thinggy I got for my wedding.
Oh so posh

 First failure of the night:
forgot to put candles in the cake before we cut it up
so Devon pretended

This picture was a mommy photo failure dang it!
Failure number 2:
Jackson's onsie says "my dad is super"
I thought it was appropriate for the day, but Jackson wasn't having it, and then I made Devon not in focus.
Fantastic photographer let me tell ya.
I think i'm going to chalk it up to the fact that I was running on very little sleep.
Yeah, we'll go with that.

All in all Devon had a good day which is what I was hoping for.
This morning the little man was being too stinkin' cute after his bath so I snapped a few pictures :)

I LOVE those little feet!!

Some days are so hard with not having enough sleep and all that fun stuff that comes with being a mom, but my goodness I just look at those little blue eyes and can't help but think how lucky I am! 

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