Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 Months

Our main man Jackson is 3 months old now!

Holy crap really!?


He is getting so big, and chunky!
Which I don't mind because there is just so much more to love and kiss

(seriously though I think his cheeks might go raw with how much I kiss them)

(please don't judge the quality. I think it is the internet I am using. DANG IT!)

At 3 months I am...

-Weighing in at 12 lb 6 oz

-Cooing and talking so much

-I love to lift my eyebrows when something is interesting

-I smile a lot now which mommy loves

-Grandma Albrechtsen has given me a new nickname "action Jackson" which mommy finds unusual

- I LOVE my aunt Marissa (she might be my favorite)

-I laughed hard for the first time last week

-I am ticklish under my armpit and now I think it is funny

-I am officially into 3-6 month clothes

-I have enough overalls to clothe an army of infants

-I usually only wake up once a night

-I have started to grab and hold onto things
(mommy's hair is no exception)

-I love when my mommy reads to me!
(I think I might be a book worm)

He is just growing growing growing!
We love to watch him grow and develop!


  1. I love his thighs!! It's so great when they start to chunk out. He's so precious!!!

  2. He is oh so cute! I like how he looks like he's showing off his muscles in these pics ;)

  3. I don't blame you for kissing those chubby cheeks! They are awfully tempting! Don't you love it when they start to talk/coo?? He is just as cute as ever!