Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I want to do a photo project/series that involves mothers and their children.

So I need YOU!

And I mean ALL mothers
which means...
if you have young children that are still in diapers
if you have older children that drive you crazy
if you are an empty nester with children married off
if you have step children
if you have had a miscarriage and don't have children physically with you
(yes you are still a mother)
Pregnant women

so you get the jist

(and if you don't have children available to do the shoot with you THAT IS FINE!! I have need for women like you!!)

I am only available Friday mornings and Saturdays right now until school lets out
so if you are available in the Rexburg Idaho area let me know and we can try and set something up!
(I am also in the bountiful/centerville Utah area often so if you are from that area and are interested let me know, and if I am in your area I will let you know!)
(I might be going to Kansas this summer so if you are interested and from Kansas let me know as well and if I do end up going that direction I will try to work something out)

***Telling me you are interested does not guarantee you a slot. It depends on a lot of things, but I will try to do as many as i can/need***

PS If you do it there might be a free print involved :)

Message me on facebook or e-mail me at c.thielphoto@gmail.com to let me know if you are interested!!

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