Thursday, March 22, 2012

Confessions Of A Newly Converted Book Worm

So here's the thing.
I've been reading lately.

I never really used to read because overall, books mostly bore me.
(I am a movie junkie through and through)
But ya see, I married a book junkie.
(he's not really big on movies. He likes them, but I think he prefers books)

When he asked if I had ever read the Harry Potter series, I said "no..well I think I read the first two, and sorta read the last one."
he was all like "WHAT"

Therefore, when we went to his house for Christmas, right after we got engaged, he was like "take this book and read it while you're here"
(talking about the 7th book)

I'm pretty sure I stayed up after everyone was asleep and just read...and read....and read

When I finished, I was like "HOLY CRAP THAT'S AMAZING STUFF" like a drug or something I guess.

Fast forward a year or so and we're happily married, but I still haven't read the other 6 books.
(I mean yes I did read the first two when they came out, but I was little and didn't remember much)

So here I am today, and I have finished all 6 books and I'm in the middle of reading the 7th book for a second time.

But see here's my problem, I'm on the 7th book....
which means the Harry Potter world that I have been immersing myself in, is about to end. I don't quite know how to handle that, because
{especially these ones}

I am completely converted.
So here's my challenge to the like 2 people that read this blog, give me some good book ideas to read.
I think I am borderline desperate.

And yes,
I did use this blog post as an excuse for a little mini photoshoot with myself
so what!?

Happy Thursday 


  1. Oh Cassie!!! I have quite a few book recommendations on my photography blog..I'm like you...obsessed! Summer is great, but makes me so sad because I don't have time to come winter, I go CRAZY..I've ready 21 series since Thanksgiving..haha..Here's a few of my favorite:

    1) Touch of Power by Maria Snyder (first of a series..second one isn't released yet) & (so far my favorite book EVER)! Read it in one day. One sitting. I didn't move or do a darn thing. haha.
    2) The Host-Stephanie Meyer
    3) Switched Series (3 books)..Amanda Hocking I think??
    4) The Study Series (3 books) by Maria Snyder
    5) Hourglass Door series (3 books)'s kind of trippy. Gotta pay close attention, like the movie can get lost easily!
    6)Inside Out Series (2 books) by Maria Snyder
    7)Hunger Games..haha..really it is good.
    8) Matched
    9) Bloody Jack Series (9 books)..

    I hope you can keep reading and keep loving it! If you ever need suggestions, I always have something!! ;)

  2. I just read the hunger games and they were awesome! kinda dark but so good!! I read all three in one week :) give them a try haha

  3. haha love those photos! How fun! I'm not a reader, but one day when I decide to read, I'll have to ask you for book recommendations!