Monday, March 12, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go!

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to take a short trip down to Utah to visit my Grandma.
Devon had a concert in Salt Lake on Saturday evening, so we just decided to make a little trip out of it. I got to drive down there by myself, and don't get me wrong I love little road trips with my hubby, but I absolutely LOVE driving down to Utah by myself. It's so beautiful and I get lots of me time to just think :)

I even got to satisfy my Chipotle cravings while there. YUM! Idahoans are too caught up in this Cafe Rio crap to know what's good for them ;) haha

but seriously.

Devon did a fantastic job singing! They got to sing in the old tabernacle and you could definitely feel the spirit. And plus he's pretty cute in his tux :)

Grandma and I waiting for Devon's concert to start
This woman cracks me up. You have no idea.

Well anyway have a fantastic Monday! If 'fantastic' and 'Monday' can be put in the same sentence. HA!

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  1. Cassie! That sounds like so much fun. I completely understand the whole driving alone thing AND the Chipotle thing. Cafe Rio is NOT nearly as delicious.