Friday, March 23, 2012

A Temple For Kansas.

3 things that I love:
1. The church I belong to
2. Temples

And all three of those things are being pieced together!
There is an LDS Temple being built in Kansas City, and let me tell ya I, like so many others, couldn't be more thrilled!
From what I have seen, it is absolutely beautiful.

Want to know what's even more special and unique about it?
My talented/awesome/wonderful father painted the murals inside.

This is him, doin what he does best

yes I said murals.
(that means REALLY big folks like 10ft X 72ft big)

He has been working for months now, and if you have ever seen anything my dad has ever created on canvas, you know it is bound to be breathtaking.
We had to keep it a secret for months. Which was sooo tough because we were all so excited. The Spirit in his studio was unlike any other I have ever felt.
And i'm sure now that it is in the temple, the spirit will be even stronger.

So if you are wanting to know what a Mormon Temple is like
you want to see the amazing work my dad has done
I would encourage you to find a way to make it to the open house.
I promise you won't regret it.

(If you want a little more information about the temple watch this video)


  1. wow cassie that must have been an amazing experience for your dad.

  2. It was! One of the best. We can't wait to see what it looks like finished and up in the temple!

  3. Can I just tell you something random? A long time ago I was sitting in the Rexburg temple (which the Parson brothers did the murals for). The Parsons are Rexburg people. So, I was just sitting thinking I wonder if they will use a Kansas City Artist for the KC temple... And then I thought, "It would be so cool if Cassie's dad did it! I hope they pick him." I am so glad they DID pick a KC artist and that it was YOUR dad! So awesome. I can't wait to show my family and tell them that your dad painted the murals!

  4. wow!!! I love it!! I've been wondering for a long time what the murals will look like in that temple, because they reflect the environment/terrain of the area. Kansas is just so flat! But, my thoughts are changing now, because if anyone can make flat Kansas plains pretty, it's your father!