Saturday, August 17, 2013

There's No Place Like Home.

I hate making this blog post because it means i'm not there anymore.

Past tense.

We had SO much fun!
10 days of no responsibilities (minus Jackson of course)
It was great!

We surprised my little sister Lindsay which was awesome.
This is how it went down:
Dad walks in with Jackson
Lindsay: "Where did you get that baby?"
Dad: "Oh just down the street"
Lindsay: "Oh for a minute I thought it was Jackson..."
Dad: "Haha no"
Lindsay thinks about it for a minute
Lindsay: "Wait that is Jackson! Stop it i'm gonna cry!"
And then we walked in.
Haha it was perfect!

I got to see some great friends I hadn't seen in a while, and they got to meet my little pride and joy :)
We were also lucky to have Devon's parents and grandma visit us while we were there.
They just took a pit stop on their way home from Texas.
Jackson got to meet his great grandma for the very first time!
So of course I HAD to get a few pictures :)

We LOVED getting to see them!

Usually when I go to Kansas I book myself up the wazoo with photoshoots, but this time I limited myself to one.
I know we could have used the extra money, and don't get me wrong I love taking pictures for people but it was SOOO NICE to just relax instead of work the whole time.
I actually got pictures of our vacation on my camera and not just my phone this time! haha

The first day we were there we got to see Lindsay preform after band camp
(she's not in the band she's in drill team)
Jackson even got to dance with her on the field!
Except I used my dad's camera to take pictures of that so unfortunately I don't have any of those.

It was SO FREAKING HOT! Yuck humidity

And of course she has glittery pink sunglasses

And then here is a picture of my mom doing what she did best this trip.
Showing off Jackson 
to everyone she came in contact with 

That is one proud grandma

And the rest of the trip was just awesome.
We played lots of games, stayed up really late, and shopped till we dropped.

Dad and Devon even got some man time and went to see a Sporting KC game which Devon LOVED.
Soccer is like his favorite sport so that was probably the highlight of his vacation :)

Here are some random pictures from the rest of our trip!

Playing on Aunt Marissa's giant stuffed dog

Just hanging around with Grandpa after taking some pictures of his painting

HAHA! He loved sucking on her nose

So Vogue

Laughing with Aunt Lindsay

Can we go back already?


  1. looks like a great trip! I cannot get enough of Jackson's awesome facial expressions

  2. Oh how fun!! Too bad we can't time our visits to Kansas a little better. I'm headed up in about a month for my nephew's birthday. We certainly miss you guys! Jackson is such a cutie!