Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Quick Post

So as I was updating my Photography blog I decided to clean this one up a bit.

You like?

Jackson has now hit 6 months.

Holy COW where has the time gone!?

And I have been sooo busy lately taking everyone else's pictures,
(which I really don't mind)
that I have yet to actually take Jackson's real 6 month pictures.

But here are some fun ones from things that have just been happening as of late.
And they are all within days of his 6 month mark.
He really hasn't changed much within the past week so it will suffice for now.

oh how he loves his daddy.
That turd gives him all sorts of sweets.
Usually I get mad at him, but this one was kind of funny...

I took a few pictures.

The kid LOVES sugar.
We are in trouble.

And then the other day I walked into Jackson's bedroom to see if he was awake and this is what I found

So OF COURSE I had to run and get my camera

We still are just lovin on our little man!

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