Monday, September 23, 2013

6 Months


This is late.

I know, but I've been so busy taking everyone elses pictures that taking Jackson's this month got put on the back burner.

Which is definitely okay for us and our bank account 


I've been meaning to do these for WEEKS
but something always came up.
I wanted to do them outside in the grass in this cute new onsie I got him with that nice golden sunset light 

didn't happen.

So this morning I was like ah crap you're almost 7 months I better just do this.
My mom re organized his room whens he was here so I couldn't find his brown blanket that i've been using for these pictures so oh well 

We made do.

And boy was I pleased with the result

{and no I didn't pose him for the bottom ones. He fell like that and I was laughing so hard it kept him entertained enough to stay like that. Awesome kid eh?}

And the crown jewel...

Grandpa says he was put together in sections.

Probably true.
Funny thing is he is in the 70th percentile for weight so yes folks that means he is average.
So that raises the question "what is above average"...

At 6 months I am...

-18.5 lb and 26.5 in long
- I've started to scoot on my belly, but I only do it when mommy and daddy aren't looking
-I can sit up like a pro
-I eat solids like a champ...clearly
-A new discovery is I can scream really loudly
-I think burps are funny
-I have said the word poop 3 times now (Of course I think it was just two sounds put together, and he has no idea what he said)
-I sleep through the night mostly always
-I love to arch my back
-I LOVE to play with people's faces
-I am mostly happy as a clam

We love our little chunk :)


  1. Like a BOSS!!!.. i love it.
    ps: it's patricia.

  2. "above average" is my fat child - who, at 3 months weighs 16.5 lbs and is in the 90th percentile!!! To make it worse he is in the 5th percentile for height! He's short, fat, and balding. I need to stick this kid on a diet.