Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How About Sleeping For A Change?

This is a rant.
There will be no pictures, because this post doesn't deserve it.

For the past 3 nights Jackson has woken up at about 4 am screaming, and he wont go to bed till about 10 or 11 pm.
And to top it off he's decided he's going to boycott his naps during the day.


Yesterday was especially terrible because the night before I worked till midnight
Then had to finish my homework.
Then woke up at 4 to a screaming child.
Then was at school from 7:45am-6:15 pm
Then worked from 6:45pm-10pm
Then finally got my son down at 11pm
Then woke up again at 4 to a screaming baby.


And what's funny is whenever it happens to come up and I tell people how sucky my child is at sleeping,
they feel the need to tell me how their perfect angel baby has been sleeping through the night at about a month old.

Uh kinda makes me want to throw a rock at you.

Mom Hulk

I don't know what makes women want to say that kind of stuff to an already tired and EXHAUSTED mother, but I guess you gotta show off the goods when you can.

I think it's time for my husband to take me on a date.
Hint Hint.

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