Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Can't Be Super Mom!

For the past few days I have had an awful cold.
I have been so extremely exhausted, and I keep wishing moms/wives got sick days.


They don't.

Not even a little break.

And I learned if you take one...

You're screwed.

Yesterday I was sooo tired and sick, and Jackson had got what I have had 


I gave up.
I didn't think about the consequences I just didn't do a darn thing except take care of Jackson and lay there.

(except I did stay up late after Jackson "went to sleep", more like I put him in his crib and he screamed on and off, to do my assignment that was due today)


I come home from school after a 10 hour day at school feeling completely trashed because I am still sick,

to find the dishes piled a mile high in the sink and the overflow all over the counters,
Trash everywhere,
The load I had put in the wash yesterday is still sitting in the wash,
toys, diapers, clothes, and whatever else you can think of all over the floors,
2 1/2 photo sessions waiting to be edited,
and I'm supposed to make dinner because I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast because I don't have time for lunch on school days.

Needless to say I broke down.

Jackson was screaming with snot dripping down his face, 
and I'm staring at the disaster I call my home wondering how the crap I am supposed to do all of this, and fix dinner, and rest, and do homework....

So instead of hopping on it and being a good mom/wife/student/photographer I am sitting here venting because sometimes a girl's gotta vent.

End of rant.

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