Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things You Can Say In A Baby Voice....

So just recently I've actually listened to the things I've been saying to Jackson.

I realized that most of them only work because I am saying them to a baby in a baby voice.

If I were saying them in a normal adult human voice they probably wouldn't be acceptable.

{Do any of you mommies feel like a complete IDIOT after you get through saying something to your little one just to make them smile?}

Here are some things that you could say in a baby voice to a munchkin,
but not so much to an adult in a normal human voice:

"I'm going to eat you"

"I'm going to eat your face"

"You are so fat!"

"I'm going to get you"

"I'm going to get your naked bum!"
 {Okay stop those thoughts. BABY BUMS ARE ADORABLE}

"You have such a stinky booty!"

"I'm going to eat all your toes"

And then who could forget the phrases I say that make absolutely no sense 
such as...

"bleh bleh bleh"
 "ahh ma ma ma ma ma MA!"

What is wrong with me?

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  1. A little slow on reading this, but I feel the same way! I don't social because I know no one and I talk to my baby all day. I tried imitating what I do with Zoey to Lance one day and we both busted up laughing. We're kind of scary :) You're not alone!