Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Months

Is this real life?

Is my tiny little 6 lb baby boy 10 months old?

The answer is yes.

I mean I am less than two months away from having a one year old.

Just crazy I tell you.


Well Jackson has done more this month than he has in a while.
He's getting so big and strong and my little mommy heart can't handle it!

In the early stages of his life I was so distraught thinking I was going to miss everything because I was going to school all morning and working all afternoon and evening.

And I did miss a lot of firsts.


I am SO thankful though that I have such a wonderful husband who has really helped our family so that I can stay home with him more now.

In the past few months I have been there for almost every wake up call and every prayer before bedtime, and it feels so good!

And I know it seems so silly but today he crawled for the first time, and I was there to see it!
I was so excited to be able to be there for that.
I even got a bit emotional because if you would have asked me 6 months ago if I thought I would see the first time he crawled I would have said absolutely not.

Goodness I just love being able to see this little guy and be a semi-stay at home mama :)

Here's what I am up to at 10 months:

-I weigh a whopping 21 lbs (could be a pound was a few weeks ago that I was weighed)

-I am still extremely animated, and mommy and daddy are always impressed with my facial expressions

-My two front teeth broke through a few days ago, and my lower two are on their way!

-I pull myself up on EVERYTHING and sometimes I test my abilities and stand on my own

-I think kisses are silly and laugh a lot when daddy tries to make me give him one.

-Other than crawling my newest trick is squealing.

-I am still chubby as ever, but mommy says she likes me better that way.

-I am probably so chubby because I love ALL foods. I am NOT a picky eater at all.

-The bathroom is my favorite place to sneak off to when mommy and daddy aren't looking.

-I am VERY curious now, and want to get into everything I am not supposed to.

-I love the outdoors and can't wait until spring so I can be out in it more!!


  1. Ahhh he is so cute I can't even take it! I feel like you just had him! They grow too fast, it's crazy! Love all your photos, as per usual

  2. Aw! I love him, and I've never even met him! He is adorable. I'm so happy that you get to stay home a lot more now!

  3. He's getting so big!! That onesie is too cute! I'm impressed with his many facial expressions as well :)