Sunday, January 26, 2014

Single Mom Sunday

I despise Sundays.

I know I know they are supposed to be the day of rest...
The day of spiritual renewal, and enlightenment...

Not anymore!


Devon got called to a bishopric (leaders over a ward in our church) in a single student ward (a group of members of our church that live near each other) on campus.

This means that I am alone with this kid

all day.

Which really isn't much different from any other day.
The whole taking care of him stuff just like I do every day is no big deal.
(Well minus the fact that for some reason Sundays are the days he decides he will only take two 30 minute naps....ugh)

It's the 3 hour church by myself with a teething baby that bites!

pun intended.

I spend my 3 hours of church going in and out of the different meetings with a fussy whiny baby until I eventually throw in the towel and just stay out in the foyer till it's over.
(Or if Devon gets done early he will bail me out) 

Now I don't write this to get praise or sympathy.
Please don't.

I write this because HOLY CRAP do I have SOOOO much respect for single mom's now.

Like seriously.

My goal on Sundays is just to endure until Devon gets home.
I can't imagine doing that everyday without getting a break at all.

Putting up with this cranky kid is no easy task

and he's not even bad!
(Trust me I have seen much much worse)

Seriously forget batman, superman, and captain America (well maybe not him he's easy on the eyes)
Single mom's should be considered superheros.

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