Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memories In A Disposable Camera

First I have to take you waaaay back.
Well, not that far back but a few years ago to when Devon and I were just young and in love and dating.

Devon knew I liked photography so he decided that on some of our dates we would bring a disposable camera with us to document our time together.

From one of our first dates

From a date we went on to re-enact the night he proposed to me because we didn't bring a camera on the real night.

From a date we went on after we were engaged in Wisconsin

(Good thing we ended up getting married otherwise all those pictures would have just been trashed)

Recently, as we were spring cleaning, Devon found 2 more disposable cameras that were just about full.
Jackson got to one of them so a lot of the pictures were ruined and lost forever on that one.
Sad day.

But when we went to go get them developed my heart was just so full of love for my little family.
I had no idea what would be on them, and so to my surprise each little photograph envelope was like a timeline of our married life together.

It was such a sweet reminder for me of how quickly time passes, and how I really need to cherish each moment I have with my boys.

From our honeymoon in Mexico

When Jackson was a newbie to the world

From a date we had just after Jackson was born

And a few pictures form the last few weeks, as we were trying to sue the rest of the film

I love my boys :)

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