Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Date Jar

So maybe,
every newly married couple is so blissfully in the newlywed stage that they just cannot bear to be apart for one minute of one day
and for every minute of every single day just staring into each others eyes is just enough to keep them out of boredom

we're not like that.
Not saying we aren't madly in love,
we sooo are. I mean my husband is AWESOME!
however, we have the attention spans of squirrels and never have any ideas of what to do with the down time we do get with each other

{I mean c'mon people...it's Rexburg}

So, my AWESOME husband came up with an AWESOME idea.

The date night jar.

We each wrote 5 things onto little sheets of paper and put them into the jar so that the other one wouldn't know what we wrote.
so it would be a surprise.
We also wrote down 5 things together that we would want to do for a date, and put it into the jar.

We agreed that whatever was pulled out, we would HAVE to do it.
No matter what.

In my head I imagined pulling something out of the jar one night and being totally creative and fun.
I would take loads of pictures of our adventures and make an AWESOME blog post about it


The other night we decided to take something out. Devon let me pick.

It said, "Go to Doug's house (friends from our ward) and get a deck of Magic cards to play"


Do you know what "Magic" is?
Well it's a little nerd card game that I made fun of Devon for playing.


Needless to say, Devon started cracking up when I read it because we had agreed that NO MATTER WHAT it was, we HAD to do it.

So, we played. And I didn't take pictures.

It wasn't too bad. I didn't understand the game at all and I'll probably never play it again. But Devon sure got a kick out of it.

Hopefully there are no repeats of that one in the jar.

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  1. This is the cutest idea ever!!! My boyfriend and I need to do this.