Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Thing

Wanna know what my favorite thing ever is?

This kid.

So when I got married to my favorite thing ever, I went through some serious inner turmoil.
Since I was younger I wanted to travel the world.
When I started getting into photography, I wanted to travel the world, take pictures of it all, and sell my work in galleries all over.
I wanted to do humanitarian work in various parts of the globe.
I wanted to become a museum curator and live in studio apartment in downtown Kansas City.

Then I met Devon.

I knew that marrying him would mean my dreams and goals I had planned for myself would have to take a backseat to my marriage.
It was really hard at first to realize how little money we had and how hard I was working.
And to know that I wouldn't get to use the money on things I wanted.
It was our money, not just mine anymore.

But marrying him was worth it.
I decided that I would much rather live without Europe and fabulous museums, than live without him
(Que the cheesy "awwwws" now)

It's still hard now, but I just try not to think about it, and focus on other things.

When I was younger, I bought a jar.
This jar was to hold all of my money for my travels
(mainly Italy)

When I got married, I kept it.
But watched as the money was slowly depleted as we had bills to pay

The other night as I was getting into bed
Devon looked over at me and asked if I had seen what he wrote on the jar.
I got up and started heading towards the kitchen to get the "date night jar"
what other jars did we have?

He stopped me and said "no in here."
I was confused, then finally realized what he was talking about.

I looked over to see this sitting on my nightstand

{Taken with my new lens, but we'll get to that later}

Now I know this may seem like a small stupid little thing but I was literally speechless.
He said "I am going to take you to Italy"
aaand as cheesy as this might sound,
I cried.
But really for any of you who know how important this goal of mine is to me,
you'll understand.

So, he's the best. There really is no contest.
I am sure after he's sees this he'll be embarrassed and possibly "hate" me for a minute.
haha oh well.

{SIDE NOTE:  yes I love Devon and he is the best, but uh I also just got a lens today that might come as a strong second. I'm completely head over heels for this little bit of technology. *sigh*}

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  1. aww that's cute!! PS--I LOOOVE my 50mm 1.8. It is my BABY and I almost never take it off my camera!