Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kansas Part 2

While we were in Kansas we celebrated two very special birthdays!
The first was Devon's. Poor Devon his birthday fell on the day we were driving out to Kansas so the first 14 hours weren't very thrilling. Although, I did manage to tell him "happy birthday" about 45,000 times and I bought him a milkshake at Mcdonalds 

I am and awesome wife.

I had told my parents we were coming so we decided to throw a little surprise party for Devon on the night of our arrival with some family friend's that know Devon pretty well.
Jenni (who is like my second mom) made him an awesome cake for the occasion! (she was also the one that did our wedding cake)

taken with my i pod in low light (sorry for the quality)
I mean seriously HOW COOL IS THAT!? it had little light sabers and everything! Totally awesome. He was very impressed to say the least.

Later in the week we celebrated my mama's birthday which was fun. We have a little tradition in the Albrechtsen house hold. Whenever there is a birthday, my parents would always decorate the house the night before while we were asleep. 
Devon, dad and I did it this time. It looked really bad. But I did discover a new talent that my husband has

He can make balloon animals!!
What the heck?

Anyway, so then we proceed to the following day and we went to the art museum in Kansas City. Which I always love :)

Then it was off to Olive garden for the special lady's dinner and then cake and present time!

for those who know my mother, you will know why we put "happy birthday windy Lyndee" on the cake

She got to wear an awesome hat that Devon made her haha

"Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids" One of her gifts

Then the week concluded with taking Marissa out of school to go have breakfast with me
and a photoshoot with Lindsay

When it's an Albrechtsen photoshoot, it isn't going to be normal

And then Devon wanted some too

And so that was our vacation.
We left the next day definitely not wanting to leave.

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