Wednesday, July 31, 2013

While He Sleeps

Today has been rough.

To say the least.

I won't go into it because that's complainy

and that's annoying.

Some days are filled with words like: 
cry, scream, mess, wet, hot, terrible, exhausted, tears, empty, nothing, WHY?

and on those days those words are the only ones you focus on.
Nothing good can come of today.

But then there is a calm.
and suddenly you can Relax

And you are able to focus on what blessings you have
When Jackson took a nap I was able to relax and refocus

While he sleeps 
I noticed how at peace he is

I noticed his eyelashes and his chubby cheeks

I noticed his little wrist rolls 
and his tiny fingers

I noticed how perfect he is
and even though he is now awake and has to sit on my lap while I type this to keep him from screaming
I love him.

and sometimes it takes complete silence to remember all of this

okay...that's a lie...

sometimes it takes complete silence, a bag of mini reeses, and a pepsi to remember all of this.


  1. The sweetest post ever! I'm so glad that we (as moms) can love our babies no matter what! And (as bad as this sounds) I'm really glad you have days like today too.... It makes me feel like I am not alone when I have days like that. My cure is diet coke and peanut butter m&m's :)

  2. They are the sweetest when they sleep huh?! chocolate and caffeine are pretty much cure alls haha