Friday, March 29, 2013

With Change Comes New Hair

2 blog posts in 2 days!?

I know right?

(but like I said, I don't get out much anymore)

So I am a girl.


I have heard of other girls with this same problem I do.

Whenever a big change happens in my life I unavoidably do something drastic to my hair.
The only change where I didn't was when I got married


Which was probably the biggest change of all
slightly funny in my opinion.

I remember the first change in which I did something to my hair and it was a complete disaster.
I let my mom do it out of a box.
I looked like a middle school bimbo.

Since then I never let my mom do it again.

The biggest change however was when I went to college.
A few weeks or so before I went to college I dyed my hair brown.

Yes ladies and gentlemen

Here is an embarrassing picture from that time

Apparently when I went to college I wore a lot of make-up and took a lot of embarrassing selfies alone in my room...

so we'll move passed that

Then my boyfriend from back home of like a year and a halfish broke up with me

so I went slightly lighter

Then came a miraculous internal change 
(in cheesy terms it means I discovered myself....haha that sounds so dumb. But really)

And I went back to way blonde

Since then I've had a few highlights but really I just let my hair gooooo
and gooo
and goooo

and now it's just gross.
Well I've had a baby if you didn't know
and that's a fairly big change in my book.

Since I laid on that hospital bed holding my sweet little boy I thought "hmm what am I going to do with my hair?"

Last night sleep didn't come easily because all i could think about was "hmm what am I going to do with my hair"

I want to go brown because let's face it my hair really isn't all that blonde anymore
but not too brown because that was a mistake last time

so I'm thinking something like this


With this big of a change I am dying to get my hair done
It's like when you just got paid a little extra and that money is burning a hole in your pocket

The change is burning a hole in my hair?

So that was a rant. At least there was some embarrassing selfies to look at right?


  1. hahaha I love the one on the left! And I am the exact same way, been thinking about going back to brown but we'll see.... maybe after baby #2 haha. You look good either way though, so GO NUTS!

  2. Thank you for your input and oooh yeah have another baby! You make cute ones