Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jackson Udell Thiel

Sometimes things happen when we LEAST expect it.
Little Jackson coming into our lives was no exception.

I had just worked an 11.5 hour shift at work getting off just before midnight.
(my awesome supervisor saw that I was very done and let me go about 15 minutes early)
Devon picked me up and took me to Jack In The Box to get some curly fries and a shake because hey I was pregnant and I can do those types of things.
Also he is a spectacular husband.
We went home and watched some TV until just after 1

Big mistake.

Just before 3:30 in the morning I woke up with my bed very wet.
Ah crap I didn't make it in time to the bathroom. That's embarrassing
However, upon further inspection it didn't look like that's what happened at all 
(although I tried to convince myself that's what it was)

Me: "Um, Devon? Pretty sure my water just broke"
Him: "Yeah right"
(I teased him quite frequently that my water broke haha)
Me: "nope pretty sure it did, check the sheets"
Him: insert a very freaking surprised face here

And so on we went to the emergency room
no bag had been packed.
the house was a mess.
I was freaking out.
Devon however was smiling ear to ear.

(mind you he didn't have the realization that he was going to have to pump a watermelon out of his hoohaw shortly)
excuse my vulgarity.
but seriously.

We found it it was indeed my water
I'll skip the next part of the story because nothing exciting happens
I was in labor for about 15 hours and pushing for 3
it was exhausting.

Jackson Udell Thiel was born at 6:34 PM
6 lb and 11 oz
19 inches long
and absolutely adorable.
well worth all the work we went through.
I was crying.
Devon was crying and it was absolutely a beautiful moment.

I didn't look to great but hey tha'ts what you get after having a baby.

I swore up and down that I did not want any cameras in the room when he was born
(mainly because who wants a photo of themselves after they have had a baby? Not too fabulous)
However the doctor practically instructed Devon to get the camera
I was too tired to stop him, and I am kind of glad.

This was right after they put him on my chest and I saw him for the very first time.
No I don't look glamorous, but I learned that childbirth really isn't glamorous so ah well.

Since then we have already had to go to the hospital because of Jaundice
Lots of babies have it, but Jackson's levels were incredibly high and I was just an emotional wreck
poor Devon.

We are home now though and will hopefully not have to go back.
We'll find out tomorrow

But we are home now
so let the photographing begin!!

At this point Jackson loves to sleep.
Smiles when he poops because he knows I get to clean it up
Sneezes in twos 
loves having his feet held together
and we just love him.


  1. He is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Can't wait to share mine ;-)!!

  2. "pump a watermelon out his hoohaw"
    Cassie! Awesome, lol
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Brings back great memories and crack up at seeing Mercedes face reach that same realization... Although I think its a lot scarier thought the bigger you get, lol

  3. Love these pictures of your little guy! So sweet! Congratulations!