Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being A Mom

So this is sappy.

(You've been warned if you would like to exit now)

Being a mom is hard.
I'm 21 
and a mom

didn't expect that, but here I am.

I've struggled a lot with the "baby blues"
But I hate calling them that because that makes them sound too cute.
They are not cute.
At all.

Like pretty much every new mom I am stuck at home.
I see all of my friends are going on fun trips or just having so much fun in college
and i'm here.
no sleep.
i'm lucky to get a shower.
don't get out.

But the past few days I've done a lot better, and it is simply because I realized I really don't want to be anywhere else.
(Sure Italy would be nice but ya know)

I look down at my little guy and I realize he's worth it

(not just saying it to be sappy. He really is)

He's worth the sleepless nights and the lack of adult interaction.
And everytime I get down about not being able to do certain things because I am a wife and a mom at 21 
I have to look at Jackson and think "My husband and I did this, we created this little guy"
And I think "I have managed to snag an amazing guy who I can rely on and trust that absolutely loves me"
And quite honestly I think that is a much greater accomplishment than anything else I could do as a stupid reckless single college kid

I love his little face.
when he opens up his eyes I can't help but smile

I think I kiss him about 1,000 times a day
I love his soft skin and the way he squeaks when he sleeps

I love the way he smells, and the way he looks back at me .
I love how much I absolutely adore him.

I love it that he smiles when he gets gas
and yes I even love his little cry

well most of the time.
At like 3 in the morning It's not that cute I'll be honest.

But all in all I wouldn't trade where I am at.
Sure I see other women that look so much more qualified to have the job I do, and I feel bad that Jackson got stuck with me sometimes.
But i'm learning and I think that counts for something.


  1. Wow, this made me tear up! You're a wonderful mom, Jackson is so lucky to have you. I wish we lived closer so we could help keep each other sane. It can be so hard some days, but you are so right they make it all worth it! And I know I say this all the time but HE IS SO CUTE! I love these pictures!

  2. I LOOOOVE this! My neighbor today called and asked if she could please bring her daughter up to us so she could get a shower. And ya know what? I absolutely LOVE that she feels like she can call me for something so simple to me, but so huge to her! You should do the same thing :o) Seriously, I'm done with school in April, I'm not due with our baby until June 4th, and Nathan can use all the "practice" around babies and exposure that he can get! He doesn't know many babies under a year, and by then they're walking and taking things from him. We saw a 4 day old baby at the doctor today and Nathan was SO confused, just wondering WHAT it was! So seriously, next time you need a shower, let us know. We'd be as happy to help as you'd be to get help! Or just company! Let's just get together! :o) You are doing a fantastic job, mama! Keep it up and stay positive. I had a lot of baby blues too, and it really helped to talk to my mom and a few close friends on the phone!