Friday, March 15, 2013

Hey honey our baby's here! He looks just like your boss...

Name that movie!

(and no he does not look like Devon's boss)

Today was supposed to be the day I would have been induced.
Tomorrow is the actual due date for our little guy.
But nope he decided to come 2 weeks early and very unexpected.
Just thinking that i would've still been pregnant these last two weeks makes me grateful i wasn't.

Do you know what cool things I can do since I am not pregnant?

1. lay on my stomach
2. bend over to put my shoes on
3. wear normal clothes
4. walk like a normal human being instead of a penguin

and the list goes on.

One thing i do miss, however,
getting Devon to get me whatever food I wanted
nice perk let me tell ya.

Now i'm just left with an adorable baby boy that keeps me up all night, and snuggles with me during the day

I absolutely love this boy even if it's realllly hard to be a mom.
faces like this keep me going

he's a charmer
and we've decided that with his set of lungs he will probably be a singer like his daddy

all in all i'm glad he came early and i wouldn't give him back for anything

mainly because him coming out was already painful enough why would i want to put him back!?


  1. Your pictures are adorable!! The one with the squishy face is awesome!! Jett didn't come two weeks early but he came five days early which is five very grateful days of not being pregnant. It's great to see updates of your beautiful family!!

  2. I love reading your blog! And seriously I can't get over how cute your little guy is!!! I absolutely love these pictures. Thanks for keeping this pregnant lady laughing. :)